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About Andrea

I love my husband Patrick (aka Paddycakes).
I love Jesus.
I love my cats Norm and Miss P.
I love OSU.
I love lunch dates.
I love swing dancing. (It’s how I met Paddycakes!)
I love musicals and all things Broadway.
I love wine.
I love not camping. Seriously. Why do people find it fun?!

And a few more things you should know about me…

I’ve been a photographer for over 10 years and graduated from OSU-Okmulgee with a degree in photography. Before I started Andrea Murphy Photography I worked for some of the best photographers in Oklahoma.

My goal for any wedding day is to not only document the emotions and traditions, but to create stunning and timeless portraits that will hang in your home your whole life. I want clients that are passionate about having gorgeous photos, that want to have a great time, and that love their families (no bridezillas that hate their moms, please!!).

I’d love to get the chance to work with you in creating a one of a kind portrait session or designing a wedding collection to perfectly suit your needs.