Alisa and David recently had a fairy tale wedding right here in Tulsa. And not “fairy tale” in that it was cheesy, but in that it was literally perfect and David and Alisa together are like a Disney Princess with her Prince Charming. I can’t work on their photos without singing tunes from Disney movies and saying every 2.5 minutes “oh my gosh they’re just so cute” (seriously it’s a problem). So, get ready for a lot of gushing. And if you read far enough you’ll get to hear my story about one of my most embarrassing moments in my entire life.

Mayo Wedding Tulsa
A dress like that deserves it’s own special photo shoot – and that’s exactly what it got. I have to mention how fantastic both Alisa and David’s family were. They were all so warm and I was greeted on the wedding day with hugs and lots of love. Kathleen, Alisa’s mama, planned this entire wedding because Alisa lives out of state and she did a fantastic job!
And how ’bout that veil shot?? It looks like they’re placing a crown on her head and I think its just magical. (thanks to April for the amazing shot and being the best second shooter around)

Groom Getting Ready
It’s extremely rare that I don’t meet a groom before a wedding day but that’s how it worked out in this case. It always makes me feel a bit nervous walking in and hoping they aren’t going to hate having their photo taken and thus hate my guts.
I immediately was put to ease when I met this guy here. He’s ridiculously nice and fun!! In fact at one point in the evening I told him he was a unicorn: kind, fun, good looking, and a doctor! 😉

Father First Look
I love father/daughter first look!

Y’all ready for one of the best first looks ever? You’ve been warned.

Best First Look Photos
I mean are you even kidding me?? So beautiful. So sweet. I’ve rarely seen a groom so excited to see his bride! I just can’t with that last picture!!

 Wedding Family Photos

First Baptist Tulsa Wedding

First Baptist Tulsa Wedding
So not only is Alisa’s family all ridiculously good looking and sweet they’re also crazy talented. Both her brother and sister sang during the ceremony and I was blown away!

First Baptist Wedding Tulsa
There was a bit of a struggle getting the ring on his finger. I love a couple that’s not afraid to have fun in the moment and just laugh when things go a little “wrong”.

First Baptist Wedding Tulsa
Their processional was led by David’s brother Ricky (who is officially my favorite groomsman ever) playing the bagpipes. Cause ya know, if we’re going fairy tale there better be some bagpipes!

Dramatic Fairytale Wedding

Downtown Tulsa Wedding Photos
We snagged a few minutes of photos in downtown Tulsa before heading to the reception.

Disney Princess Wedding
So ready for my most embarrassing moment ever? Okay, so maybe not ever because I have a habit of embarrassing myself. But it’s in the top 20. So as photographers we’re under pressure to do social media and constantly be updating so everyone can look at us and think we’re cooler than we actually are  we can keep everyone abreast of what’s going on in our businesses. So I asked them to let me take a quick photo on my phone for Instagram. Well if someone is looking at my phone and smiling it’s almost always my two young children. So I hold up the phone and just out of sheer habit I say “Okay, smile at mommy”. Now, that’s not the worst thing in the world, but I said in the CREEPIEST voice you’ve ever heard. I couldn’t believe it even left my mouth. Even now I’m blushing because it was so stinkin’ funny and awkward. The 3 of us were dying laughing and I look back at April and she’s nearly on the ground cracking up. But hey, at least it made for a memorable moment.

Fairytale Wedding Tulsa
Favorite. That needs to be an enormous canvas on their wall!

Mom & Me Events Tulsa

First Dance Oklahoma
As if they weren’t perfect enough, Alisa surprised David by recording her singing the song for their first dance and of course it was incredible.

Wedding Toast Photos
Best toasts ever!

Best Father Daughter Dance
For the father daughter dance Alisa’s dad recorded him singing. Hardly a dry eye in the place. And for the mother son dance David and his mama absolutely tore up the dance floor.

Ms Laura's Cakes

Wedding Reception Tulsa

Grand Exit Vintage Car Tulsa
I realize I’ve been over the top describing how this was literally a perfect fairy tale wedding, but I feel like I don’t even justify it. So many of their vendors (listed below) have told me how they wished all weddings could be like theirs. Alisa & David, just let me know when you’d like to do it all over again. I’m totally in.

Wedding Coordinator: Mom & Me Events
Videographer: Leslee Layton Films
Transportation: Old Urban Trolley
Florals: Garden Trug
Lighting: Lion’s Road
Band: Full Flava Kings
Cake: Ms. Laura’s Cakes
Wedding Dress: Isabelle Armstrong from JJ Kelly
Tiara: Twinkle Twinkle Bridal
Reception Shoes: Kate Spade
Accommodations: Mayo Hotel
Ceremony: First Baptist Tulsa
Reception: Sky Loft
Hair: Hair by Shawna Burroughs
Makeup: Adney Artistry
Caterer: Party Serve
Ceremony Florals: Brookside Blooms
Cocktail Hour Pianist: Donald Ryan
Invitations: Paper ‘n More