Alisa & David’s Fairy Tale Wedding – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Alisa and David recently had a fairy tale wedding right here in Tulsa. And not “fairy tale” in that it was cheesy, but in that it was literally perfect and David and Alisa together are like a Disney Princess with her Prince Charming. I can’t work on their photos without singing tunes from Disney movies and saying every 2.5 minutes “oh my gosh they’re just so cute” (seriously it’s a problem). So, get ready for a lot of gushing. And if you read far enough you’ll get to hear my story about one of my most embarrassing moments in my entire life.

Mayo Wedding Tulsa
A dress like that deserves it’s own special photo shoot – and that’s exactly what it got. I have to mention how fantastic both Alisa and David’s family were. They were all so warm and I was greeted on the wedding day with hugs and lots of love. Kathleen, Alisa’s mama, planned this entire wedding because Alisa lives out of state and she did a fantastic job!
And how ’bout that veil shot?? It looks like they’re placing a crown on her head and I think its just magical. (thanks to April for the amazing shot and being the best second shooter around)

Groom Getting Ready
It’s extremely rare that I don’t meet a groom before a wedding day but that’s how it worked out in this case. It always makes me feel a bit nervous walking in and hoping they aren’t going to hate having their photo taken and thus hate my guts.
I immediately was put to ease when I met this guy here. He’s ridiculously nice and fun!! In fact at one point in the evening I told him he was a unicorn: kind, fun, good looking, and a doctor! 😉

Father First Look
I love father/daughter first look!

Y’all ready for one of the best first looks ever? You’ve been warned.

Best First Look Photos
I mean are you even kidding me?? So beautiful. So sweet. I’ve rarely seen a groom so excited to see his bride! I just can’t with that last picture!!

 Wedding Family Photos

First Baptist Tulsa Wedding

First Baptist Tulsa Wedding
So not only is Alisa’s family all ridiculously good looking and sweet they’re also crazy talented. Both her brother and sister sang during the ceremony and I was blown away!

First Baptist Wedding Tulsa
There was a bit of a struggle getting the ring on his finger. I love a couple that’s not afraid to have fun in the moment and just laugh when things go a little “wrong”.

First Baptist Wedding Tulsa
Their processional was led by David’s brother Ricky (who is officially my favorite groomsman ever) playing the bagpipes. Cause ya know, if we’re going fairy tale there better be some bagpipes!

Dramatic Fairytale Wedding

Downtown Tulsa Wedding Photos
We snagged a few minutes of photos in downtown Tulsa before heading to the reception.

Disney Princess Wedding
So ready for my most embarrassing moment ever? Okay, so maybe not ever because I have a habit of embarrassing myself. But it’s in the top 20. So as photographers we’re under pressure to do social media and constantly be updating so everyone can look at us and think we’re cooler than we actually are  we can keep everyone abreast of what’s going on in our businesses. So I asked them to let me take a quick photo on my phone for Instagram. Well if someone is looking at my phone and smiling it’s almost always my two young children. So I hold up the phone and just out of sheer habit I say “Okay, smile at mommy”. Now, that’s not the worst thing in the world, but I said in the CREEPIEST voice you’ve ever heard. I couldn’t believe it even left my mouth. Even now I’m blushing because it was so stinkin’ funny and awkward. The 3 of us were dying laughing and I look back at April and she’s nearly on the ground cracking up. But hey, at least it made for a memorable moment.

Fairytale Wedding Tulsa
Favorite. That needs to be an enormous canvas on their wall!

Mom & Me Events Tulsa

First Dance Oklahoma
As if they weren’t perfect enough, Alisa surprised David by recording her singing the song for their first dance and of course it was incredible.

Wedding Toast Photos
Best toasts ever!

Best Father Daughter Dance
For the father daughter dance Alisa’s dad recorded him singing. Hardly a dry eye in the place. And for the mother son dance David and his mama absolutely tore up the dance floor.

Ms Laura's Cakes

Wedding Reception Tulsa

Grand Exit Vintage Car Tulsa
I realize I’ve been over the top describing how this was literally a perfect fairy tale wedding, but I feel like I don’t even justify it. So many of their vendors (listed below) have told me how they wished all weddings could be like theirs. Alisa & David, just let me know when you’d like to do it all over again. I’m totally in.

Wedding Coordinator: Mom & Me Events
Videographer: Leslee Layton Films
Transportation: Old Urban Trolley
Florals: Garden Trug
Lighting: Lion’s Road
Band: Full Flava Kings
Cake: Ms. Laura’s Cakes
Wedding Dress: Isabelle Armstrong from JJ Kelly
Tiara: Twinkle Twinkle Bridal
Reception Shoes: Kate Spade
Accommodations: Mayo Hotel
Ceremony: First Baptist Tulsa
Reception: Sky Loft
Hair: Hair by Shawna Burroughs
Makeup: Adney Artistry
Caterer: Party Serve
Ceremony Florals: Brookside Blooms
Cocktail Hour Pianist: Donald Ryan
Invitations: Paper ‘n More

Plus Size Boudoir Photography – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Curvy Boudoir Photography

Let me start by saying that I don’t love the term “plus size”. I am bigger girl and I prefer to be referred to as “curvy”. Some people aren’t bothered by the term plus size but some are, and I’m afraid I can’t make everyone happy as much as I sincerely wish I could. The truth is though, even when I’m doing Google searches, I search for plus size. So for the sake of online searches, I’ll be referring to us curvier girls as plus size today.
One of my most frequently asked questions I hear is “Do you photograph bigger girls?” and the answer is resoundingly ‘yes’!! Just because you’re not a size 4 does not mean you don’t deserve a boudoir photo shoot! In fact, you may be in need of them far more than someone who has the “perfect” body. I believe that a boudoir shoot can build your confidence faster than almost anything out there. I want to put your mind at ease and I hope this information helps you a bit. I’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions about plus sized boudoir and am going to answer them as concisely as possible. Hold on tight, I’ll be throwing a lot at you today!

Plus Size Boudoir Tulsa

What do I wear?
Okay, this alone is our most popular question spanning all sessions, but when you’re a curvy lady it may cause a bit more anxiety than others. You’re called curvy for a reason and a boudoir session should be all about showing off those amazing curves! Tons of women pay for boobs like yours and you’ve already got them. That’s a win right there. Once you’ve booked your session, we will set up a pre-consultation where we will talk about wardrobe significantly. Today though I’ve compiled a few of my favorite things for ladies to wear.
1) Bra and panty sets are always a solid choice no matter what size you are.
2) Shapewear can be sexy and oh so flattering! True story.
3) Oversized sweaters, chambray shirts, or lacey robes are great to play with and can be used to conceal areas you may not be comfortable showing off.
4) Corsets. They show of those ta-tas and give you the tiniest waist.
5) Nothing. Yes nothing! If you’re creating this album for your husband I promise you he won’t be sad that you did a few shots in nothing but your birthday suit.
The most important thing when making purchases for your boudoir session is properly fitting lingerie. Many times what feels comfortable in your every day lingerie, may not be the best choice for your boudoir session. This is especially important for a plus size lady. You don’t want panties that are cutting into sides causing an unneeded bulge at your waist or an ill-fitting bra that might appear too large.
There are a myriad of other suggestions I have for you and I can even give you some ideas of where to shop for these items in your pre-consultation.

Plus Size Boudoir Pictures

What if I don’t like the way I look in the photos?
Let me just put your mind at ease right now: You will. I’ve photographed women of all sizes and they are always thrilled! What I need from you is total trust and for you to put your insecurities aside. The more you realize that you’re a sexy vixen, the more you’ll love your photos. If you lack confidence, this session will give it to you. If you already know you’re a goddess, then you’re going to love the images more than you can imagine! You might be considering this session for your hubby or fiance, but it will turn into an experience as much for you as for him.
Posing and lighting is what I do best, and for that I’ll need your trust. We joke that boudoir posing is just sexy yoga and you may even be a little sore the next day. As I’ve said before, I’m not a small girl, I never have been, and I think that gives me better insight into photographing curvy women. I’m not at all afraid to tell you to pull in your tummy or push your chin out a bit because it’s how I would want to be photographed. I’ve spent most of my adult life studying how to flatter women in photography so that’s my utmost concern on the day of your session.
What I’m about to say I need you to understand that I’m saying this in the most gentle way. You need to be realistic about your body. You aren’t tiny, and that’s okay. You won’t look exactly like some of the women you see featured on my site. But ya know what? You’re going to look curvy and fabulous and gorgeous and the all of the other things that make you fierce! Own that!

Plus Size Boudoir Pictures Tulsa

How should I prepare for my boudoir session?
I’ve written 2 blog posts about what you should do to prepare for your session here and here. Those will answer most of your questions. The big question of “should I lose weight?” may be weighing on your mind. (weighing. Ha! Pun fully intended) The answer is no, you don’t need to lose weight because you’re beautiful just as you are. However, I know some of you reading this may be dead set on dropping a few pounds. If that’s the case, here’s a few tips. Get the session on the books now! We will set it for a few months out and that will give you a goal to work towards. If you lose some weight great, if not, the session is still happening and you’ll love the results. When you’re waiting until you’re the perfect size or to look a certain way it just delays the opportunity. I can’t tell you the number of women that tell me they’ll book a boudoir session with me as soon as they lose some weight. Ugh! Let’s do it now! Work what you’re working with and get the opportunity to feel gorgeous in the skin you’re in. If you’ve already booked your session – please no crash diets! If you’ve only got a couple weeks until your session up your water intake significantly and add in some more veggies. If nothing else it will make your skin all the more gorgeous! Also, eat on the day of your session, just keep it light.

Tulsa Boudoir Photographer

Do you have more plus size boudoir sessions I can see?
For sure! As always, our client’s privacy is of the utmost importance to us. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site just shoot us a message and we’d be happy to share with you some private galleries of shoots we’ve done of curvy girls.

Plus Size Lingerie Pictures

I consider it an honor that you’re considering me to photograph your boudoir session. I want to do whatever I can to put your mind at ease and to assure you that you will love your photos. Now that you’re ready to book, just contact us and we’ll get you all set!

Andrea Murphy Photography NOW HIRING

After 2 wonderful years with my employee Alaina she’s moving on to a new opportunity! I’m super excited for her but ridiculously sad to lose her. But that means there’s a position open at Andrea Murphy Photography! These are very big shoes to fill. Note: This is not a photographer’s position and will never become one.

Office Manager / Personal Assistant

About this job:
I’m looking for someone outgoing, patient, and highly organized. This job includes: managing clients, answering and making phone calls, running errands, managing my schedule, wrangling small children, scheduling appointments, general studio upkeep, light sales, stomping on spiders when they approach me, assisting with in-studio photoshoots, ordering and quality checking, packaging orders, framing prints, assisting me in my everyday life + more.

Highly Organized
Highly Patient
Comfortable on the Phone
Willingness to learn
Must Like Children

Photo Editing Experience
Writing Experience
Sales Experience

Kate & Mike – Holy Family Cathedral and Jazz Hall

Mike and Kate were married recently at Holy Family Cathedral here in Tulsa followed by a reception at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. The day was a bit different than our usual wedding days and I love it when couples break up their days like this. We arrived just shortly before the ceremony began and then had a large break between the ceremony/mass and the reception. This gave us a few hours to have a relaxed time for portraits and they had contracted a bus so we spent awhile driving to different locations around Tulsa. This was one of those weddings that, despite my feet and back aching after 10+ hours of working, I could have stayed shooting for hours more. Not only was it just a great reception with great music, great food, and great dancing but just watching Kate and Mike enjoy it so much was fun to watch.
Don’t miss the bottom of this post to see some of the fabulous vendors that were a part of this day!

Holy Family Tulsa

Holy Family Wedding Tulsa

Nervous Bride
I love this quiet moment right before Kate’s dad walked her down the aisle. I think they were both pretty nervous and fighting back a few tears.

Holy Family Tulsa Wedding
Gosh, they’re cute.

Catholic Wedding Tulsa
Holy Family is such a beautiful cathedral. I love getting the opportunity to photograph there.

Holy Family Cathedral Tulsa

Tulsa Wedding

Downtown Tulsa Wedding
I love that pop of color against the navy dresses. Kate & Mike had a fantastic wedding party. They were fun, a little ornery, and up for me dragging them all around the city.

Mid Continent Tulsa Wedding

University of Tulsa Wedding
Both the bride and groom are graduates of the University of Tulsa so we took a quick trip over to the campus for a few photos. Although I’ve photographed a number of weddings at TU I haven’t had a lot of chances for portraits there. It’s such a lovely campus!

Center of the Universe Tulsa
Last stop was the Center of the Universe. We kicked a whole crowd of people out of the way to get a couple quick shots before entering the reception.

Ms. Laura's Cakes

Wavetones Tulsa Wedding
The Wavetones can absolutely rock a reception! Love working with them!

Grand Exit Jazz Hall of Fame

They opted for a Snapshot Lounge for their reception and their guests were totally fun! This is how Snapshot Lounges should always be! Snapshot Lounge

Snapshot Lounge Tulsa

Cake: Ms. Laura’s Cakes
Band: Wavetones Inc.
Catering: Ludger’s Catering
Dress: Bridal Elegance

For more information on book your wedding with us click here.

AMP Boudoir Referral Program i.e. How To Get Free Stuff

Did you know I have a referral program for boudoir photos? Probably not because I’ve been pretty terrible about telling folks about it. Technically, I have referral programs for weddings, families, newborns, etc etc etc. (By program I of course mean Starbucks cards, free sessions, or whatever you want because I LOVE referrals!) I’m happy to chat with you about those some time if you’d like to know about them! Today though, we’ll be discussing our boudoir referral program. Everyone knows a photographer. You’re probably related to a photographer. There’s approximately 5,439,027 photographers in the Tulsa area so I’m sure you’ve bumped into one or two of them. Lucky for me, not all of them photograph boudoir pictures. The ladies that use me for their boudoir shoot tell their friends, and if they’re telling their friends they should be getting something from it. It’s my way of saying thank you. I literally would not have my business if it weren’t for loyal clients that brag on me.
The great thing about boudoir shoots is that they’re kind of addictive. You’ll have so much fun at yours that I can almost promise you’ll want to do it again. So many of my girls come back every few years for a new book. (I’d like to make a note here that even the most conservative budget-making husband is, without fail, always on board with a new book.) For that reason, my thank you for sending clients to me is by gifting you more boudoir pictures. I even promise not to make it complicated. Well, I’ll try at least.

  Boudoir Tulsa

  Refer 1 Client: If you refer one of your friends that books a boudoir session that automatically gives you a free mini session in the sheets. This is a 20 minute session where we’ll wrap you up in sheets and create sexy and flirty photos for you. The nice thing about it is you don’t have to plan complicated lingerie. For these we recommend a bra and panty set. You can throw on an oversized sweater, one of his favorite t-shirts, or kimono to add a little variety. Mini session are great for our Little Black Book products or it would also be appropriate for a 10×10 canvas for the nightstand.

Boudoir Photographer

  Refer 2 Clients: If you have sent us 2 new boudoir clients you earn a one hour photo shoot. This is the same shoot you’d get if you were just calling the studio for the first time for a session – all the bells and whistles! Be warned though, you’re going to want a gorgeous book to go along with the photos. But because you’ve been through this process before and you’re just helping your pocketbook out a little bit for your next session.

Boudoir Referral Program

  Refer 3 Clients: Here’s where it gets fun, if you refer me 3 clients you have some options. Basically you have $300 credit to use however you please! You can put it towards your session, you can put it towards products, or whatever you’d like. Let’s play!

Boudoir Referral Program

  Refer 4 Clients: Um…. if you refer me FOUR clients, just go ahead and tell me what you’d like. I’d be incredibly indebted to you. Boudoir session? Sure! Dinner for 2 at Mahogany’s? Absolutely. My first born child? We can talk.

  To get serious though for a minute, I can’t thank my clients enough. You trust me enough to send your friends and I appreciate it so much. I’ve been a photographer for 17 years (17??? What the actual hell??) and I can say, without a shadow of doubt, that I wouldn’t have a successful business if it weren’t for my clients. Some of you have stuck with me for a really long time. It’s not fun to admit, but there was a time when my customer service was less than stellar (understatement) and you continued to come back to me. If I haven’t told you thank you recently, please know I’m saying thank you now. (You know who you are – Basically everyone from 2008.) Some of you have moved on to some of the other 5,439,027 photographers, but maybe it’s time for a session that’s all about you. Either way, I’d love to take care of you.

For more boudoir images and information check out our gallery!

(Hair and  makeup on these images by Primp Hair & Makeup Studio and Tulsa Bridal Beauty)