Suzanne & Brian’s Dresser Mansion Wedding

Posted on: Feb 03

Suzanne and Brian. They give me all the ooey-gooey feelings when I think about their wedding. As a photographer, its always exciting when you just love a bride and groom. But sometimes you get the opportunity to get to know their families a little bit more than usual and it just makes things all the more special. Suzanne and her sisters… they’re some of my favorites. I’d admit it. They’ve got the “Oklahoma girl” total package: big blonde hair, darling personalities, and the sweetest Okie accents.
No matter how many weddings I’ve photographed at Dresser Mansion (and I believe its probably close to 100 at this point), I never tire of it. Its a beautiful venue and was the perfect backdrop for Suzanne and Brian’s spring wedding.
Congrats again to the sweet couple!

Suzanne getting ready will be one of those wedding moments that always stands out in my head. She had her sisters, niece, and bff all getting her ready. They were all talking at once and fussing over her. It was quite a situation getting her dressed. When the dress was finally on, Suzanne looked over at me with this exasperated look on her face and I nearly collapsed with laughter.

Y’all. Those photos right there are an argument for first looks. Imagine being able to just experience that moment and fully be in it – Not worrying about who was looking at you, trying to stifle tears, or smiling. Just being in that moment with the love of your life. I’d argue that it couldn’t be beat. 🙂


Cake: All Things Cake
Dress: David’s Bridal
Florist: Bridal Garden
Caterer: Goodies Catering
Officiant: Rev. Jay Howell
Makeup: Starla Ward
Videography: South Street Vizuels


Hailey’s Senior Pictures – Natural Falls

Posted on: Jan 25

   Its a travesty that these were never blogged, cause they’re kinda my favorite ever. Hailey, once upon a time, was my intern and so we needed to do something extra special for her senior pictures. She’s a bit of a veggie loving hippy, so something outdoorsy was appropriate. We decided to take a little drive to Natural Falls and then into Siloam Springs. I was thrilled with the results. Hailey, I love you dearly and miss having you around weekly.

Hair & Makeup: Primp Hair & Makeup Studio
Flowercrown: Divine Designs by Mandy
Dress: Free People

Natural Falls Senior Pictures 1

Natural Falls Senior Pictures 2

Natural Falls Senior Pictures 3

Natural Falls Senior Pictures 4

Natural Falls Senior Pictures 5

After Natural Falls we went into downtown Siloam Springs to Pour Jon’s Coffee Shop. They were so kind and gracious to let us photograph there. Such a cute spot! Stop in for sure if you’re ever in Siloam!Coffee Shop Senior Picutres


Sarah & Jack’s Philbrook Museum Wedding – Tulsa Photography

Posted on: Dec 09

   Sarah and Jack were married in November at Philbrook Museum of Art. This was actually a destination wedding in Tulsa! Sarah wanted some place centrally located between their home and their family’s homes. A simple Google search resulted in Philbrook. They had just their closest family and friends attending. I LOVE a small and intimate wedding, they’re just so wonderfully laid back. (don’t get me wrong, I also love a huge non intimate wedding!)
This wedding also produced my newest favorite wedding moment ever. Check below for the story.


philbrook-museum-wedding-2You know I love me an emotional first look!



philbrook-museum-wedding-5Love love love her bouquet! Is it not amazing?? Also, for brides wanting an outdoor wedding in cool weather, consider fleece blankets for the ceremony.

philbrook-museum-wedding-6Um…. so can we talk about this flowergirl?? What an adorable little show stealer! She had us cracking up till the end of the night.





philbrook-museum-wedding-12I love that with a small wedding you can all sit at a single table, family style.


   Okay so are you ready for my new favorite wedding story? After 16 years photographing hundreds of weddings I have a LOT of memorable moments. Some good, Some bad, Most all hilarious after the fact. But this one takes the cake. After the main toasts, the mother of the bride opened up the floor for anyone who would like to say anything. This little lady below said she’d like to say something. Her mother told her to stand up on her chair so she could be heard. She stood quietly looking up and down then table, and she held everyone’s attention silently. She then raised her hand to her heart and started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Immediately the father of the groom popped up and joined her. Within seconds, the whole table was standing and reciting it together. (Thank Aunt Bethany from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) It was just the cutest and funniest moment I’ve seen, maybe ever! philbrook-museum-wedding-13


Congrats to Sarah and Jack! I was honored to be a part of your wedding day!!

Here’s some of the fabulous vendors that were a part of this wedding:
Officiant – Rev. Jay Howell
Florals – Mrs. DeHaven’s Flowers
Hair & Makeup: Primp Hair & Makeup Studio
Cake: Ms. Laura’s Cakes


Scott & Bonnie’s Bridal Fashion Shoot at the Illinois River

Posted on: Sep 07

   Every now and then we get to break the mold a little bit for a session. Not every bride is thrilled with the idea of climbing into a muddy river in their wedding gown, but it always produces amazing results when they are up for it! Bonnie and Scott eloped this spring and afterwards wanted to create some art to celebrate their wedding. Bonnie had seen a trash the dress session I photographed many years ago and knew she wanted one as well.
We chose the Illinois River for their location and we only had to dodge a few snakes. (okay, it was just a big stick, but it could have been a snake. 😉 ) Bonnie chose to invest in a custom designed album for this session and I’m so excited to get it completed! Here’s just a few of my favorites from their shoot!









The Bell Family – Philbrook Family Pictures

Posted on: Aug 31

   These folks are no stranger to my blog! They’re extra special to me because I photographed all 3 girls’ senior pictures, all 3 of their weddings, a number of family sessions for all of them. And now their family have grown even more this year: Two sweet as could be little baby boys.
Its always an honor to have a repeat client, but even more so when they’re just so darn loyal. Love Don and Lori and their sweet family!! Some of my favorites!!

Tulsa Family Portraits 01

Tulsa Family Portraits 02

Tulsa Family Portraits 03

Tulsa Family Portraits 04

Tulsa Family Portraits 05