Callie’s Bridal Portraits – Philbrook in the Spring

Posted on: May 26

   Its taken everything in my power not to plaster these all over the internet before Callie’s wedding this past weekend. Dude. I am head over heels in love with this session! It could be that I adore Callie’s family and that she’s stunning. But I just think these pictures are extra special. They really need no explanation. Take a look!

Are you kidding me?! I mean… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Could she be any more gorgeous?  I love this picture!!

And in case I hadn’t emphasized today that Philbrook is an incredible place for a session, this picture should convince you.


5 Tips on How to NOT Stress on Your Wedding Day

Posted on: May 21

Wedding season is fully upon us! So I’ve throw together a few thoughts that you might find helpful. In the hundreds of weddings I’ve photographed, I’ve seen my share of stressed brides. My goal is for you to have the greatest day ever, as stress-free as possible!


1) Hire vendors you love and trust.
Before booking your vendors, do your research! Don’t book a vendor on the spot that you meet at wedding show. Even if you think you know for sure who you want, meet with 2-3 vendors from that category. Save your favorite for the last meeting – that way if you love them, you’ll be ready to book that day. Read reviews and talk to people who have used that vendor previously. If a florist has a reputation for always forgetting a bridesmaid bouquet (this happened to us 3 times in one year with a particular florist) its good to know that before the wedding day. And you really should like the people with which you’re working. If you don’t get warm fuzzies when you meet them, move on and find a better fit for you.


2) Be clear with your bridesmaids about what you expect from them.
It is my opinion that a bridesmaid is there to assist you in whatever way possible on the wedding day, and to keep the dance floor hoppin’. But some girls just aren’t aware of this. Just tell them. A lot of brides get frustrated that their many bridesmaids are not around when they need them to be. But did they actually tell the girls what they wanted? In most cases, I’m afraid not. Clearly and kindly tell them what you need from them on the wedding day – a good friend is more than happy to oblige. And be sure and add in that part about keeping the dance floor going. When the dance floor is empty, guests start leaving the wedding.


3) Do a first look for picture time!
(I’m a photographer. You didn’t really think that I wouldn’t be adding this, right? :) ) But seriously guys, its not just about getting pictures done ahead of time. Its about enjoying your wedding day with your love. I just think its a huge bummer to spend 90% of your wedding day AWAY from the person you’re marrying. Plus, you get to have a drink right after the ceremony! Um, hello champagne!


4) Make a rule that you aren’t addressing any problems that day.
You’ve already done all the hard work. When the wedding day rolls around, your vendors, friends, and family can figure out a solution. There’s no reason that you need to be told that there’s a missing chair sash. But uh, yeah. Refer back to #1 and you won’t have to worry about this anyway.


Seriously girl, chill the heck out. Things are going to go wrong, that’s okay. Just roll with it and laugh. Let everyone do their jobs. Your job is to look pretty, get married, go to a party, and be fabulous. That’s it. Nothing else. So when things start to feel stressful, just close your eyes and breathe for a

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second and remember why you’re there.


Nicole & Tyler: Engaged – Downtown Engagement Session

Posted on: May 19

   Are y’all tired of engagement sessions yet? Cause I’m not! This has been one of the most fun springs I’ve ever had with all the fabulous sessions!
Nicole and Tyler are awesome! Nicole is the sister of Michael – a groom I shot last year (he’s a memorable one because we got that ridiculously awesome picture at his and Shellie’s wedding. Take a look here to see which one I’m talking about). This is the year of younger sister’s weddings, and I LOVE it! Getting to work with a family multiple times is my favorite. So although I had met Nicole, the session was the first time I got to meet Tyler. He is a hoot! Getting to know them has made me sooo excited for their wedding at Southern Hills in November. It’s going to be fabulous! Take a look at their pictures we did in downtown Tulsa!

This is my fave from the session!

And this one was featured on Bridalifestyle Magazine’s blog! It’s my 2nd favorite. To quote a photographer friend and past bride, Annalisa, “Sizzle!” I think it’s a pretty good description of this shot. ;)


Somebody’s having a birthday!

Posted on: May 12

Somebody’s having a birthday, and her name is April! If you’re new to my blog, you might not know who April is – so let me introduce her. April has been my 2nd shooter since I started my wedding business in 2008. April and I had known each other for years, but hadn’t been in touch that closely for a few years. So I didn’t know she was getting into photography. I took a chance on her, and to my great excitement, she was awesome. Like, really surprisingly awesome from the get go. We’ve both grown so much over the years! We make a great team at weddings: She anticipates what I need, what angle I’d like her to capture, and in general makes me look really good. Last year when I was pregnant she took on the lion’s share of shooting and did an amazing job.

I’m trying not to get too sappy, but its probably going to get there really quickly. (on the anniversary of our first wedding together last month she wrote the nicest things about me that totally made me cry, so I guess I’m just trying to return the favor. Or one-up her. Not sure which. ;) )

I’ve worked with April so long and so much, and considered her a friend. But it wasn’t until recently that I realized how close we really are. I will never ever forget her working tirelessly for 24 hours documenting my labor with Nola. Even my Dad pointed out just last week that he couldn’t forget how April never left my side. (not to mention she had been on call for 2 days before she actually started shooting because my labor was prolonged) Guys, a regular employee doesn’t do that. That’s a friend. A very, very good friend.

(Okay, see that wasn’t bad! No big tears, just a little snotty on my part. Moving on…)

Like I said, April and I go way back. Here’s a few nuggets from high school for your viewing pleasure. I do believe we’ve improved since then. Thank God.

Dude… I did duckface before duckface was even a thing. Work!

And here’s the girl in action…

This is not an abnormality for her… the girl can get into some weird positions for the right shot.

April, I love ya girl and am thankful for you on a daily basis. You are talented beyond belief and I’m so proud of you for making a name for yourself in the photography industry. (y’all should definetely check out Clickin’ Moms. She’s very involved over there and you can even take a workshop from her) You make me look good and do it humbly. And If you ever leave me, I’ll kill you. Happy birthday!!


Jennifer & Jimmy: Engaged – Saucy Engagement Portraits

Posted on: May 09

   Jen and Jimmy are crazy and funny and goofy (and quickly becoming my favorite humans, ever)… but for some reason from the moment I met them I had in mind to do something a bit sexier for their engagement pictures. I believe every couple has that side – sometimes you just need a little help conveying it on camera! 90% of my female clients always say “Oh I can’t do the serious looks” and well, they’re almost always wrong. :) It just takes a professional to help bring out those expressions.
So of course we did some smiley/cuddly pictures, but we also got a little saucy! Take a look!

Love. love love love love love. This just needs to be printed big, and that’s exactly how they ordered it.