Liz’s Bridal Session – The Mayo Hotel

Posted on: Nov 17

Okay I admit it, I have a flare for the dramatics. Its not always a good thing, but I think it has translated into my photography. And by golly, I like it. The great thing about it, is that the girls I photograph get it, and they come to me to bring out their dramatic and sexy side. Liz gets it – and I love her for it. I have photographed her in the past, so when she got engaged I was so excited to hear from her! She had a small destination wedding, but I got the privilege of photographing her engagement and bridal session.
When we talked about her bridal session, we were on the same page about what the images should look like. And the Mayo was just the perfect backdrop. Her Veronica Lake/ Old Hollywood look worked perfectly there. I should shut up and just let you look at pictures. She’s such a gorgeous woman and I’m in love with these pictures!!


Micayla’s Senior Pictures – Tulsa Senior Photographer

Posted on: Nov 05

…and now for something completely different! I don’t get the opportunity to photograph high school seniors very often. Not that I don’t enjoy them – I really, really do! In fact, I used to focus primarily on senior pictures. So for the handful of seniors that I get to photograph, I just have a blast with them! They’re always so up for something next and exciting and are really into the whole experience.
Micayla is a dream to photograph. A dream, I tell ya! Obvi she’s ridiculously beautiful, but she’s also a bit of a jock. So we did half her session in downtown Tulsa, then went out a few weeks later to the softball field at Victory Christian School. Take a look!

I actually rescheduled the softball field session once because it was grey and cloudy outside and I knew that for what I wanted, I needed it to be bright and sunny. It was totally worth the wait. The skies were amazing that night!!


Whitney & Keith’s Philbrook Engagment Session

Posted on: Nov 04

Whitney and Keith are getting married next May and they’ve chosen me to be their photographer. How do I get so lucky to photograph such good looking people?! And they’re super fun to be around and genuinely nice people. So its just makes me job way too easy!
I knew I would love photographing them, but after this session I seriously can’t wait for their wedding. Its just going to be one for the books!

Philbrook in the fall, people… it just doesn’t get any prettier.


Laura & Gregory’s Wedding at Asbury United Methodist Church – Tulsa

Posted on: Oct 29

   Ken and Barbie got married this summer. Er… I mean, Greg and Laura got married this summer. But comeon… Laura with her long golden locks and bombshell body and Greg with his classic good looks… its a little Ken and Barbie-esque. This wedding was awesome! Laura has been a bridesmaid a ton of times and had been in weddings that I photographed, so I was thrilled when she hired me to shoot her wedding. Because she was practically a professional bridesmaid and had been to so many weddings, she had very specific ideas of what she wanted – and the main idea was laid back! In fact, the reception didn’t have any formalities (with the exception of a quiet cake cutting). No bouquet and garter, dancing, etc. It was just a time for her guests to eat, drink, and enjoy visiting! Totally unlike something we’ve done, but it was perfect for them!

I have to give a shout out to Julie, Laura’s matron of honor. The girl has been in a number of my weddings as well and is just so stinkin’ helpful on the wedding day. Plus she’ll jump on the bed with the bride if you ask her to. :)

So what if April and I had our own little portrait session with the shoes? Don’t judge. They were fabulous.

Again the importance of 2 photographers – my perspective on the left, April’s on the right.

These two are just so cute together!!

This picture SLAYS me!!! Its one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken all year!!

Of course following through with the laid back wedding, Laura let her girls all pick out a black dress. It worked out great that half did a long dress and the other half did short.

I’m quite partial to weddings at Asbury, because this is where I got married. They also used the same minster that married Paddycakes and me.

Another shot that I LOVE!! I think its really great when a couple does their grand exit from the church. You still have all of your guests there and you’re still fresh looking!

The reception was at the IDL Ballroom downtown so we had to stop for a few downtown portraits.

So this wedding I had the most past brides I’ve ever had at a wedding. I photographed all of these ladies’ weddings! I love my job.

Laura and Greg, you guys know I adore you. I’m so excited for your future together and all the wonderful times ahead! Congrats again!!

Wedding Coordinator: Erica Weddings
Flowers: French Bouquet
Makeup Artist: Destry Davis – Glamour Artz
Cake: Icing on the Top


Josalyn & Jesse’s Dresser Mansion Wedding

Posted on: Oct 20

    Josalyn and Jesse got married in September at Dresser Mansion. Although I don’t get to photograph that often at Dresser anymore, its one of my favorite venues! The light is just divine and it’s was also a perfect backdrop for the style of wedding Jesse and Josalyn had! The day was awesome, pretty much flawless, and lots of fun! Josalyn comes from a multicultural family who love to have a good time!
Jesse’s brother, Cody Johnson, is an amazing photographer and a dear friend of mine from college so I was so honored that he sent Jesse and Josalyn my way for their wedding. I just wanted to give him a big public “Thank You”. :)

All florals by the amazing Bridal Garden.

Oh hello sexy “getting ready” photo!

Josalyn’s dress was a bit different than what I’ve seen lately and I loved it!! So perfect for her!

The bride and her sisters…The gorgeousness just does not stop in this family!!

I love big bridal parties… but I equally love small bridal parties! ;) Its nice and intimate that they were able to stick with just their siblings for their attendants.

Bride’s makeup by Ashlee Bivins

This little guy took his job of Ring Security pretty seriously. Such a cutie!!

Like I said… I don’t hate a smallish wedding party. Not one tiny bit!

She is just divine!!

Cake by Ann’s Bakery!

I just love these pictures of Josalyn with her grandpa. So sweet.

The bride’s stepdad was really shy about dancing… ;)

Holy crap the sunset was UNREAL that night!!! It looked like a Thomas Kinkade painting!

I had to put Cody to work at the end of the night… thanks for the help ole buddy!

An adorable couple and a classic car are one of my very favorite combinations. :)

Congrats again to Josalyn and Jesse! I loved getting to know y’all better and having the honor of photographing your wedding! It was really lovely!