Bethany & Stephen’s Wedding at Moore Farms

   Bethany and Stephen got married late last summer/early fall at Moore Farms in Pryor. When I first heard their story I fell in love with them immediately. It’s somewhat rare that I share a couple’s story, but this one is so good. Grab the popcorn and enjoy! It started years ago when they were little kids – Stephen has had the hots for this girl most of his life! They even shared their first kiss when they were 4 years old. How freaking adorable is that?! He continued to pursue her through high school and finally got a date out of her when they were in college. But he was a big football star and that wasn’t her jam. They parted ways and he went on to play professional football and she went to the mission field and years passed. At some point they both ended up back in Oklahoma and he ended up asking his sister-in-law to her her mom for her number. I mean, he’s really stubborn persistent. The rest is history from there. Bethany loves traveling and when it was time to pop the question they traveled to Iceland where Stephen proposed by a waterfall. See? How could I not fall in love with them and their story? These two are seriously, seriously cute together. I know there will never be a lack of laughter in their marriage (and plenty of eye rolling from Bethany).

First look Moore Farms
Check out those smiles! I’m telling you it was like that all day long!

Plus size wedding photos
One of the best things about Moore Farms is that are endless places for photo opportunities! And they provide a golf cart to roam all over the property!

Moore Farms Weddings

Creative Tie Knots Wedding
Gentlemen: Follow Stephen’s lead and get excited about your fashion for the wedding day! Check out that creative tie knot.
Oh and fun story! I like to call Stephen Pheven. They told me a story about how when Bethany told someone his name she said, “It’s Stephen with a PH”. That person then wrote his name “Pheven” (which is TOTALLY something I would have done myself so I’m not laughing at whoever that person was) and so he’ll always be Pheven to me. I’m sure I’ve worn out that joke a long time ago, but it’s still hilarious to me.

Moore Farm Wedding Photos
I love them.

Dramatic Wedding Photos

Plus size bridal portraits

Moore Farms Wedding
We were running behind and I so I was putting the pressure on the groomsmen to come for pictures quickly so that we could take advantage of the time we had remaining. A few minutes later I turn around and here comes Pheven and his groomsmen flying through the field in the golf cart – with Stacy the wedding coordinator hanging on for deal life in the back.

wedding party photos oklahoma

father daughter wedding photo
Stephen’s beautiful daughter was the flower girl. Such a sweetie!

moore farms wedding ceremony

rustic weddings oklahoma

moore farms wedding reception

sparkler exit oklahoma

Congrats again to Bethany & Stephen! It was a joy to be a part of your wedding day!

Venue: Moore Farms Rustic Weddings & Events
Dress: Oleg Cassini
Florals: Bridal Garden by Lindi
Cake: April Dollarhide
DJ: Maximum Entertainment

Viktoriya’s Philbrook Bridal Pictures

   Beautiful Viktoriya was married late this summer and I can’t miss showing her off on the blog! This bridal session was just to die for!! If you know me, you know I love an over-the-top fabulous wedding gown – and Viktoriya’s didn’t disappoint. This girl is so passionate and full of life and I wanted to convey that in her photos. She’s also a heck of a go-getter. She came to this country when she was 16 and is a poster girl for the American Dream – she had it all, and now she has her Prince Charming (and she’s super sappy like me so she won’t mind me saying sappy things like “Prince Charming”).
Bridal pictures should be more than a pretty girl in a pretty dress: They should tell a story about that bride. Viktoriya happens to be strong, vibrant, flirty, and fun (on top of being pretty) and I hope that shows in these photos.

Philbrook Bridal Pictures

Summer Wedding Tulsa

Fun Bridal Potraits

Dramatic Bridal Portraits

Philbrook Museum Wedding

Dress: Maggie Sottero
Dress: Bridal Elegance
Hair & Makeup: Primp Hair & Makeup Studio

Christmas Boudoir Photos

   It is high time we chat about Christmas boudoir photos! It’s November and the time is NOW.  So often 1-2 weeks before Christmas and 1-2 weeks before Valentine’s day, we start getting tons of emails wanting to get in for a boudoir photo shoot. While we can definitely do a 1-2 week turnaround, it makes things very rushed and then the client has to take care of rush charges and such. If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ve probably read where I’ve mentioned the importance of being relaxed for your shoot so the earlier you can get in the less stressed you’ll be.

Are you looking for the perfect gift to put under the tree? I’ve yet to hear of a guy that was anything but thrilled with getting a custom designed album of his gorgeous lady! Or maybe you’re like me and you’re a self-proclaimed Christmas Queen. The most wonderful time of year might be a great reason for a sexy Santa photo shoot.

  Admittedly, the idea of Christmas themed boudoir pictures makes a lot of folks cringe – we go right to cheap and trashy Santa lingerie. But it doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve compiled a list of ideas that are Christmas themed without being cheesy.

Christmas Boudoir Pictures

  1. Red Satin Sheets. This needs no further explanation.
  2. Christmas sweater and leg warmers. Really any kind of oversized comfy, cozy sweater will do. I love the addition of leg warmers or knee high cable knit socks and a cute pair of panties.
    Cozy Boudoir Pictures
  3. Christmas props – but don’t get crazy.

    Props should be an enhancement, but they so easily take over a shoot. I don’t want your boudoir session to look like a Pinterest board threw up on your pictures. A candy cane, a cup of hot chocolate, Santa hat, or maybe a big red bow are all solid choices. If you’d like props choose 1 or 2 and let the rest of the session be about you.
    Santa Boudoir Pictures

  4. Think red. Red lingerie, red lipstick, red dress. You can’t go wrong with red. And speaking of dresses, got a fabulous and flirty dress? Bring it! They make a great addition to the session, especially for an image you’d like have turned into a print for the nightstand.
    Sexy Christmas Photos
  5. Christmas lights. This is my favorite way to bring a holiday flair into your photos! There’s something so magical about twinkle lights in photos. (sorry… Christmas Queen getting carried away there)Christmas Boudoir Pictures

Even if you’re not wanting Christmas themed boudoir pictures, you may still be wanting them as a Christmas gift. So just keep in mind that our turnaround for custom products is usually around 6 weeks. In order to avoid rush fees and have your pictures back by Christmas your session should take place by, like, now.

Have an idea that you’d like to try that isn’t listed here? Let us know and we can make that a reality! For more information on boudoir sessions check out our boudoir gallery.

Hair & Makeup: Primp Hair & Makeup Studio

Christmas Minis with Santa – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Santa Claus is coming to Andrea Murphy Photography! Our Christmas minis are now available and even though I just announced it this afternoon many of the spots are already reserved! These mini sessions are a great option to avoid the mall and get some fabulous photos for your Christmas cards.
If you’d prefer not to have Santa in your photos (or your kid is terrified of the jolly old fella) this set is perfectly Christmasy!
Email the studio at or call us at 918/488.6180 to reserve your spot!

Tulsa Santa Pictures