Amy & Brandon: Engaged – Philbrook Engagement Pictures

Posted on: Aug 19

   Amy and Brandon are getting married this fall, and although they’re not from Tulsa, they’ve decided Philbrook is the perfect location for their wedding. So of course we had to do their engagement there. I love the versatility there because we can shoot images that are outdoorsy and earthy but we also have the option of gorgeous architecture!
Brandon just graduated from Highway Patrol Academy so they decided to add in his uniform for a couple shots. I thought it was a fun change of pace from the normal engagement session! Can’t wait for this pair’s wedding in October!


Nola – The First Year

Posted on: Aug 18

Nola, my daughter, is 1 year old today. 1 year old. How did that happen?! Everyone told me it would fly by, but I just had no idea how quickly it would fly. I feel so many things today, and I wanted to write a bit of it down, and share some pictures I’ve been sitting on for long while.

(Image courtesy Photographic Designs)

I feel blessed. God gave me this incredible little human to take care of. I know I’m biased, but she’s nearly perfect. She sleeps like champ, and has her whole life. She’s thankfully very healthy. She’s sweet as pie (with the tiny little issue of being terrified of all men except her daddy. We’re working on it. Suggestions are welcome!). And she’s just funny and fun to be around! She’s just the greatest little person I’ve ever known!

I feel sentimental. I’ve always enjoyed Nola getting older and think she just gets more and more fun and exciting to be around. But a little bit of me misses that tiny baby. Today, I saw a wee little baby asleep on his mom’s shoulder and it made my arms ache just tiny bit for those days. I don’t want time to stand still or for her to always be little – I’m excited for the future. But it does make me miss those days a little.

I feel knowledgeable. I don’t know everything, I’m still such a rookie, but I’ve learned so much this year. I’ve gone from sending Facebook messages to people at 6:00am crying out for help and sympathy to being able to actually help people. My mom reminded me a few months ago that God uses the things we go through to be able to help others. My experiences have made me sympathetic to others and taught me that sometimes people just need a hug and need you to say “I’m so sorry that’s happened and that you’re having a hard time”. I think most time that reaches far beyond most advice. I also have learned so much more about the heart of God and its given me a better understanding of His love for me.

I feel proud. Dude. My kid is sooo smart and sooo cute. (my blog. my right to brag.) Not sure where she got all of that. Pretty sure it’s from Paddycakes.

(Image courtesy Artworks Tulsa Photography)

I feel thankful. I’m thankful for a baby that has been pure joy for the full 365 days. I’m thankful for a new love in my heart that I’ve never experienced before. I’m thankful for a wonderful family who have supported Paddycakes and me so much this year. I’m thankful for experienced mama friends and friends that aren’t parents but have been patient with me while I learned to adjust to this new life. And I’m thankful for my incredible husband. You can try boys, but you just don’t compare to how great he is. I love him so much more now that we have Nola.

I won’t continue to rattle on, but I could. I tried really hard to do pictures every month, and unfortunately I missed months 9 and 11. Rotavirus and wedding season got in the way. And month 10 was shot on film. And 1 year pictures are next month in Kansas City with an amazing photographer. But you can get the general idea with these. :)

Happy birthday sweet baby.


Abby & Adam’s Downtown Engagement Pictures

Posted on: Aug 09

It’s Adam and Abby’s wedding day today so I wanted to share images from their engagement session we did recently! Abby is a photographer herself so we’ve been able to connect on that and a mutual love of Jerry Ghionis – the best photographer in the whole wide world. Because of this I was able to have free reign to do an engagement session that was as passionate as these two are! So. Much. Fun!! I know their wedding day today will be one for the books!

I tend to always feature the lady, but Adam deserved his own manly picture! :)

Cuties!! Love this one!


Samantha & Brady’s Country Chic Wedding

Posted on: Aug 06

Its high time I posted a wedding! And this one is just oh so fabulous with so many fun details! I love a wedding that just embodies Oklahoma! (Or rather I should say, I love a wedding that tastefully embodies Oklahoma.) Samantha and Brady had a flawless June wedding on Brady’s family home in Dewey. As we pulled in there may have been some squealing. The place is a photographer’s dream come true with fields of flowers, ponds, and all the fun stuff that photographers geek out over.
Samantha was a stunning bride and was relaxed and pleasant to be around all day! She’s also such a trooper when it comes to my crazy ideas for photos. You know when I have to remind someone to check for ticks that night that its going to be a great photo! ;)
Okay, shutting up and getting to the reason you’re here – the photos! Enjoy!

Oh hello ombre dress (aren’t we LOVING that dress?!) and Jimmy Choos!

The florals, design, and coordination were all done by the incredible Rene Punch of Mom and Me Events. I soooo love working with her. She’s amazing and so talented!

I love me some snuggly family portraits!

What did I tell you, incredible right? I also am sooo crazy about the custom aisle. Outdoor aisles can be difficult for ladies wearing heels. This is the perfect answer to that and it just looked so great!

Both Sam and Brady were adorable through the whole ceremony. All smiles and happy tears!

If you hadn’t already noticed, the wind was out of control!! It was non stop! I was so glad that Samantha had hired a fabulous hair stylist, Heather Valentine, that know how to fix hair for Oklahoma – where the wind comes thrashing like an unstoppable rebel force sweeping down the plains.

See?! Photographer’s dream location!! This is my favorite shot of the whole day!!

Amazing details!

They ended the wonderful fireworks display. (shot by my 2nd shooter for the day, Larissa Turner) It really was just a stunning wedding and, despite some crazy wind, went perfectly! Congrats again, Samantha and Brady! I was so honored to be a part of your day!

Be sure and take a look at some of their incredible vendors listed below :)

Coordination and Design: Mom and Me Events
Rentals and Linens: Party Pro
Lighting and Chandeliers: Integrity Lighting
Hair: Heather Valentine
Stationery and Signs: Paper Girl


Morgan’s Bridal Portraits

Posted on: Aug 04

Morgan and Paul’s fabulous wedding was this past weekend so I’m free to show off her bridal session! Guys, bridal sessions are just my favorite!! I can’t get enough of them!! Morgan was such an elegant bride and ridiculously fun to photograph! She’s just been so chill and lovely to work with from the beginning that I’m sad that her wedding is over now. But luckily, I have these to show off while we work on her wedding photos! Enjoy!