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Kristen & Justin’s Wedding at Philbrook Museum of Art

Posted on: Nov 02

One of the most beautiful weddings I photographed this year, was the wedding of Kristen and Justin. If you’ve read my blog before, you know I’m slightly obsessed with photographing at Philbrook. So when I get the opportunity to shoot a wedding there, I’m downright giddy! And this wedding, as I said, was just beautiful!
The images pretty much will speak for themselves, so I don’t need to say much. Let’s get to the goodies!
(And of course I was joined by my right hand gal, April. So a number of these images were shot by her. Just want to make sure I give credit where credit is due!)

Philbrook Wedding 01

Justin has a twin brother, so I spent the better part of my day confused. A few weeks after this, I photographed his twin Jason and his wife. I now can easily tell them apart. But on the day of, especially with them dressed alike, I was simply thrown off. Philbrook Wedding 02This bridesmaids shot here makes my symmetry lovin’ heart so happy! Its just so…. uniform!!

Philbrook Wedding 03

Philbrook Wedding 04

Philbrook Wedding 05The day turned out to be warmer than expected, so Kristen and Justin decided to switch their cocktail hour to before the ceremony (That way their guests weren’t sitting in the heat of the day). I love that they were so flexible!

Philbrook Wedding 06

This guy wins the award for most helpful usher ever!! Escorting the flowergirl down the aisle when she was being a bit shy was one of the many things he jumped in to do!

Philbrook Wedding 07

Philbrook Wedding 08

Philbrook Wedding 09

Philbrook Wedding 10This child is just stunning!!

Philbrook Wedding 11

Philbrook Wedding 12

Philbrook Wedding 13

Philbrook Wedding 14

Philbrook Wedding 15

Philbrook Wedding 19

Philbrook Wedding 18The flowers were just to die for!! So much gorgeousness!!

Philbrook Wedding 16

budweiser beer wedding rings

So Justin’s family owns the Budweiser distribution in Oklahoma. (note the groom’s cake) So we decided to incorporate the family business into this clever ring shot. I give April full credit for the idea.

Philbrook Wedding 17

Philbrook Wedding 20Love love love the rotunda at Philbrook just bathed in pink! So gorgeous!

Philbrook Wedding 21

Philbrook Wedding 22

Philbrook Wedding 23The groom impressed us all (including his bride) with some pretty incredible rapping skills!

Philbrook Wedding 24

Philbrook Wedding 25

Philbrook Wedding 26

Philbrook Wedding 27

Some of the awesome vendors that made this day extra fabulous:
Wedding Coordinator: Erica Weddings
Cake: Icing on the Top
Florals: Signature Flowers
Band: The Slicks
Rentals: Party Pro
Makeup: Starla Ward
Hair: Ashley Frankie
Stationery: Inviting Place
Officiant: Jay Howell
Transportation: Vintage Wedding Rides


Nicole & Tyler’s Fall Wedding at Southern Hills Country Club

Posted on: Oct 30

   I was thinking about Nicole and Tyler today because this weekend is their 1 year anniversary. And I thought that now was as good as time as any to get their wedding blogged. They got married on a stunning fall day last year at Southern Hills. It was just one of those days that was so beautiful and sweet that it was unforgettable. Nicole is from the family in the previous blog I posted about. I’m always super honored when a sibling of a former bride or groom hires me to photograph their wedding. Plus its just ridiculously fun to get to hang out with the same family multiple times!!
Nicole and Tyler, happy anniversary! I know its been an amazing first year. Congrats!!

Southern Hills Wedding 01

Southern Hills Wedding 02

Southern Hills Wedding 03

Southern Hills Wedding 04

Southern Hills Wedding 05

Southern Hills Wedding 06

Southern Hills Wedding 07

Southern Hills Wedding 08

Southern Hills Wedding 09

Southern Hills Wedding 10

Southern Hills Wedding 11

Southern Hills Wedding 12

Southern Hills Wedding 13

Southern Hills Wedding 17

Southern Hills Wedding 14

Southern Hills Wedding 15

Southern Hills Wedding 16

Southern Hills Wedding 18

Southern Hills Wedding 19

Southern Hills Wedding 20

Southern Hills Wedding 21

Southern Hills Wedding 22

Southern Hills Wedding 23

Southern Hills Wedding 24If I have a wedding with multiple previous brides, I try to get a photograph with all of them. At this wedding I had Shellie and Betsy! 3 of the very best brides a photographer could ever ask for!!


Bernie & Kevin: Engaged – Downtown Tulsa Engagement Pictures

Posted on: Oct 26

   You know there’s just nothing more exciting to me than getting to photograph siblings of past clients. I have now photographed all 3 of the Lamb siblings. I started with oldest brother, Michael’s, wedding. Then middle child, Nicole. And now the baby of the family, Kevin. To stay I love the Lamb family is an understatement. They’re just the best!! And Bernie just perfectly rounds out the whole crowd. She and Kevin are absolutely adorable together. We wandered around downtown Tulsa for their engagement session – unfortunately I spent a good portion of the session calling Kevin – Michael. (Ugh. Getting old is ridiculous.)

Clemon 01

Clemon 02

Clemon 07

Clemon 10

Clemon 12


Jenn’s Bridal Session – Tulsa Bridal Pictures

Posted on: Oct 21

Okay guys. I’m actually going to be for real blogging a lot in the next few months. I know I know, its shocking. But its really for real going to happen. Seeing how I have basically a whole year of beautiful sessions and weddings just waiting to be shown off. You know I love me some bridals, so I decided to start with Jenn.
We photographed her session at her parents’ beautiful home. Jennifer is a super talented writer and one of the smartest women I’ve ever met. (seriously, I’m blown away when she talks). Plus she’s a beautiful chick and just so much fun to photograph.
Take a look!Barnes 02

Barnes 04

Barnes 05FAVORITE!!!!!

Barnes 09

Barnes 14


Jenna’s Bridal Pictures – Philbrook Museum of Art

Posted on: Aug 10

   You guys sick of seeing gorgeous brides yet? Me either! Jenna is married now so I’m safe to reveal her bridal pictures! I photographed Jenna’s sister’s wedding a few years back, so I was thrilled when I heard that Jenna was engaged and wanted to use me for her wedding as well! What an honor. Any appointment with the Boyers is a family affair, and the bridal session wasn’t any different. They even brought along my favorite lighting assistant, Jenna’s brother in law Josh. 😉 (Josh and his wife Sarah came to their other sister’s bridal session back in 2011 and I put him to work he graciously offered to help then. It was only tradition that he helped a bit for Jenna’s session as well.)
Without further adieu, here’s a few of my favorites from Jenna’s bridal session!