Morgan & Paul: Married – St. John’s Episcopal Church Tulsa

Posted on: Sep 16

Brace yourselves for gushing. There could be an onslaught.

Morgan and Paul…. I love these people. I love their families. I love their bridal party. I’ve got nothing but love love love. They are such wonderful people and photographing their wedding was pure joy for me!!
M&P got married on a gorgeous August day at St. John’s Episcopal. It had been years since I had gotten to photograph there and its just one of my favorites. Its so classically beautiful, so I had to make sure I got lots of dramatic lovely shots indoors. We later scooted over to the German American Society for their reception.
It was just a wonderful day. Have I said that yet? Here’s some photos to prove my point. ;)

Both shots by April. We were loving the stain glass that day!

Love Morgan’s mama, Kimberly! They have a really sweet relationship. You’ll see a few pictures in this blog of those mama emotions. (I’m a sucker for a crying picture!)

How cute is Paul? He was a little bit nervous and I love the big tears in Morgan’s eyes right before he turned around. Chills.

Love him, right?!?! Can you even believe that expression?! Take note grooms! I actually couldn’t see his reaction (the top one is April’s shot) because I was photographing Morgan’s reactions. So when I saw this photo I about fell over! Love it. And I also love that big tear running down Morgan’s face.


Morgan’s makeup was done by Tulsa Bridal Beauty. It was really lovely and suited her perfectly!

I told you, we were kinda obsessing over the stained glass.

Moments before Morgan walked down the aisle.

I just had to post this picture because its so Paul and it just cracks me up! Pretty sure he was batting down the bubbles. He’s crazy.

Such a fun group!!

Best first dance ever!! Seriously. It was elegant and lovely….

…and then they ended it with a lift a la Dirty Dancing. The whole crowd went completely nuts. It was fantastic and flawless!

They were pretty proud of themselves for pulling it off. And rightfully so!

Oh this image just gets me. A mama watching her husband and little girl dancing. This sort of things has always made me teary, but even more-so now that I have a daughter myself.

So many times at wedding receptions its easy for couples to get separated when they start mingling. But these two stuck pretty close to one another the whole time. Very sweet.

Oh what was that you were wondering? Is the light yummy at German American Society? The answer is yes. Yes it is.

Hugo, with Lion’s Road DJ, really got the party going! It was also a really fun crowd that was ready to dance. That helps. (BTW, Hugo is also responsible for the dance lessons and choreography that turned into that awesome first dance!)

Morgan and Paul I so appreciate you guys and I can’t tell you enough how great your wedding day was. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!


Callie & Erik’s Wedding – 5 Oaks Lodge, Jenks

Posted on: Sep 08

Love this wedding. Love this couple. LOVE this family!! I photographed Hayden, Callie’s older sister’s wedding, a few years back and I just adore the whole family!! Seriously they’re all amazing and funny and sweet and love the Lord. They’re just the best family. This wedding was actually a few months back, but its too fabulous not to post.
Callie and Erik got married at Five Oaks Lodge on a beautiful evening! Five Oaks was a fabulous backdrop for their ceremony and the reception was classically beautiful. I honestly could gush and gush about this wedding, but I think I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking!

I’ve already posted Callie’s bridal session, but I couldn’t resist just one more that I photographed on the wedding day. Geez she’s gorgeous!!!

Don’t they even just look lovable?? Well they are.

As much as I love the Huey family, I have to say that Erik’s family are equally wonderful!! And Erik was one of the best grooms I’ve ever had. Such a nice guy!!

How ’bout that reaction to seeing his bride?!

…And Dad’s reaction to giving his daughter away. Kills me!!

I’m pretty sure I have a very similar picture of Hayden and her dad when she got married. These girls love their daddy!!


The sweetness just doesn’t quit.

Erik played football in college so a lot of his groomsmen were football players. Let me tell ya, Erik is not a short guy. His groomsmen were just really big dudes!! If I ever needed a step ladder for a wedding, that would have been the day.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably already seen this picture. Its one of my favorite wedding party picture ever!!

Okay I did a lot of gushing, but seriously y’all, it was just a great wedding. Congrats again, Callie and Erik!!

DJ & Lighting – Zach Downing Entertainment
Venue – Five Oaks Lodge
Florals – The Floral Touch
Cake – Anne Keller Cakes


Amy & Brandon: Engaged – Philbrook Engagement Pictures

Posted on: Aug 19

   Amy and Brandon are getting married this fall, and although they’re not from Tulsa, they’ve decided Philbrook is the perfect location for their wedding. So of course we had to do their engagement there. I love the versatility there because we can shoot images that are outdoorsy and earthy but we also have the option of gorgeous architecture!
Brandon just graduated from Highway Patrol Academy so they decided to add in his uniform for a couple shots. I thought it was a fun change of pace from the normal engagement session! Can’t wait for this pair’s wedding in October!


Nola – The First Year

Posted on: Aug 18

Nola, my daughter, is 1 year old today. 1 year old. How did that happen?! Everyone told me it would fly by, but I just had no idea how quickly it would fly. I feel so many things today, and I wanted to write a bit of it down, and share some pictures I’ve been sitting on for long while.

(Image courtesy Photographic Designs)

I feel blessed. God gave me this incredible little human to take care of. I know I’m biased, but she’s nearly perfect. She sleeps like champ, and has her whole life. She’s thankfully very healthy. She’s sweet as pie (with the tiny little issue of being terrified of all men except her daddy. We’re working on it. Suggestions are welcome!). And she’s just funny and fun to be around! She’s just the greatest little person I’ve ever known!

I feel sentimental. I’ve always enjoyed Nola getting older and think she just gets more and more fun and exciting to be around. But a little bit of me misses that tiny baby. Today, I saw a wee little baby asleep on his mom’s shoulder and it made my arms ache just tiny bit for those days. I don’t want time to stand still or for her to always be little – I’m excited for the future. But it does make me miss those days a little.

I feel knowledgeable. I don’t know everything, I’m still such a rookie, but I’ve learned so much this year. I’ve gone from sending Facebook messages to people at 6:00am crying out for help and sympathy to being able to actually help people. My mom reminded me a few months ago that God uses the things we go through to be able to help others. My experiences have made me sympathetic to others and taught me that sometimes people just need a hug and need you to say “I’m so sorry that’s happened and that you’re having a hard time”. I think most time that reaches far beyond most advice. I also have learned so much more about the heart of God and its given me a better understanding of His love for me.

I feel proud. Dude. My kid is sooo smart and sooo cute. (my blog. my right to brag.) Not sure where she got all of that. Pretty sure it’s from Paddycakes.

(Image courtesy Artworks Tulsa Photography)

I feel thankful. I’m thankful for a baby that has been pure joy for the full 365 days. I’m thankful for a new love in my heart that I’ve never experienced before. I’m thankful for a wonderful family who have supported Paddycakes and me so much this year. I’m thankful for experienced mama friends and friends that aren’t parents but have been patient with me while I learned to adjust to this new life. And I’m thankful for my incredible husband. You can try boys, but you just don’t compare to how great he is. I love him so much more now that we have Nola.

I won’t continue to rattle on, but I could. I tried really hard to do pictures every month, and unfortunately I missed months 9 and 11. Rotavirus and wedding season got in the way. And month 10 was shot on film. And 1 year pictures are next month in Kansas City with an amazing photographer. But you can get the general idea with these. :)

Happy birthday sweet baby.


Abby & Adam’s Downtown Engagement Pictures

Posted on: Aug 09

It’s Adam and Abby’s wedding day today so I wanted to share images from their engagement session we did recently! Abby is a photographer herself so we’ve been able to connect on that and a mutual love of Jerry Ghionis – the best photographer in the whole wide world. Because of this I was able to have free reign to do an engagement session that was as passionate as these two are! So. Much. Fun!! I know their wedding day today will be one for the books!

I tend to always feature the lady, but Adam deserved his own manly picture! :)

Cuties!! Love this one!