Let me start by saying that this is the longest blog post I’ve ever made. I don’t think I’ve posted anything close to it. But it will be sooo worth it. There’s all sorts of lovelies to look at (or Pin, ahem). I adore all my weddings and brides. That’s not a lie. I’m not just blowing smoke up your skirt. But this one… this one was special. I think its my favorite. Yes, I said it. Its my favorite. April described it best. She said “If Andrea and I got married, this would be our wedding. It was the perfect mix of our two favorite styles” (Here I would like to note that April and I won’t be getting married. Just thought I should clarify) Yes, the wedding was somehow both glitzy and blingy and rustic and vintage. I’ve never seen that marriage of styles and it was stunning.
But let me tell you the story. Brooke (of Brooke Christl Photography in Myrtle Beach, SC) and I met when we were attending a workshop in Chicago by the incomparable Jerry Ghionis. She wasn’t engaged at the time, and its something we even talked about over drinks in a pub. But it wasn’t long at all after that, that Walt popped the question. I was STUNNED when Brooke called me and said she’d like meto be her photographer! And then the nerves set in. Lemme tell ya… photographing a photographer is hard. Photographing a photographer with Brooke’s background and talent is downright scary! 🙂 But I’m soooo glad she chose me. I still feel honored that she trusted her biggest day to me.
Brooke is so genuinely sweet. She’s got a big heart, and being around her friends and family made me realize even further what an amazing woman she is. Being in Myrtle Beach with Brooke and Walt and their whole group was such an amazing experience. From the moment we walked in everyone was all hugs and welcomes! Not only were they welcoming to me and April, but they made Paddycakes feel like family too. So let’s dive in here… I’ll gush more as I go. Peanut Warehouse Conway 01

Peanut Warehouse Conway 02So let’s start with the ridiculousy-amazing-photographer’s-dream-come-true-venue. Its an old Peanut Warehouse from circa 1900. And its adjoining the Riverwalk in Conway, SC. Peanut Warehouse Conway 03

Peanut Warehouse Conway 04Peanut Warehouse Conway 05Isn’t she adorable??Peanut Warehouse Conway 06Love April’s view on this one! Don’t you love the Spanish moss? Peanut Warehouse Conway 07

These bridesmaids were amazing!! They were so fun!! They seriously had me laughing most of the day! They were also fiercely protective of Brooke, which I think is a wonderful quality in a bridesmaid. **Note to all bridesmaids out there… your job for the day is to be an advocate for the bride so that she doesn’t have to stress about anything. Oh and to keep the dance floor hoppin’ 🙂Peanut Warehouse Conway 08

Peanut Warehouse Conway 09You better believe that Brooke and Walt left lots of time for pictures! So of course that meant a first look. And oooh, this was a good first look! Smiles and tears, its my favorite. During this I turned around to snap a picture of the bridesmaids with tears rolling down their cheeks. The emotion of a first look really can’t be properly described.Peanut Warehouse Conway 10 Peanut Warehouse Conway 11

Peanut Warehouse Conway 12April’s view again. Peanut Warehouse Conway 13

Peanut Warehouse Conway 14The night before the wedding, Paddycakes and I had a lil slumber party with all the girls and helped with favors. We had a whole discussion about family pictures and Brooke and I were both talking about the importance of them. Many photographers don’t like doing family portraits, and yes, while it can be a bit tedious, its one of the best parts of the day for me. Getting to show off a family cuddling or laughing or whatever, I just love it. This is Brooke’s niece, and I’m just nuts about this shot. (and is that kid gorgeous or what??)Peanut Warehouse Conway 15

Peanut Warehouse Conway 16I flipping love that bouquet! Her floral designer is sick talented. (shot by April)Peanut Warehouse Conway 17

Peanut Warehouse Conway 18Ceremony setting. Perfect location. Perfect time of year. Perfect weather. I’m telling you, it was amazing.Peanut Warehouse Conway 19Peanut Warehouse Conway 20Peanut Warehouse Conway 21Of course I cried at the ceremony, I wasn’t the only one. 😉Peanut Warehouse Conway 22That’s Jenny. Maid of Honor and long time BFF of the bride. This chick is wonderful!! Everyone should have a friend like her. Peanut Warehouse Conway 23Peanut Warehouse Conway 24Someone may have forgotten which hand the ring went on. What made it hysterical was her response.Peanut Warehouse Conway 25Peanut Warehouse Conway 26OMG. The location. I want to go back today. Peanut Warehouse Conway 27The first time Brooke and I chatted about her wedding she said she trusted me to do my “thing”, but she wanted a special picture of her, her mama and sister. I feel like we got it. These 3 women are gems. Betty loves her girls so much and is a fantastic mom. Peanut Warehouse Conway 28Peanut Warehouse Conway 29As a way of acknowledging their out of town guests, they made these signs with all the guests hometowns. They even included Tulsa. How sweet is that?Peanut Warehouse Conway 30See? Tulsa. (Paddy is really going to love me for posting this awesome picture of him. haha!)Peanut Warehouse Conway 31Peanut Warehouse Conway 3290% sure this is my favorite portrait of them! Love it!!Peanut Warehouse Conway 34Peanut Warehouse Conway 35Peanut Warehouse Conway 36Peanut Warehouse Conway 37Peanut Warehouse Conway 38Peanut Warehouse Conway 39Peanut Warehouse Conway 40Such a sweet first dance. It was one of those dances where they were completely lost in eachother. Those are the best.Peanut Warehouse Conway 41Peanut Warehouse Conway 42Peanut Warehouse Conway 43Peanut Warehouse Conway 44And such a fun party!! Since Brooke’s a part of the Myrtle Beach wedding community, her vendors were also able to enjoy her reception as friends. Its not every day that you see the DJ and Chef on the dance floor. So fun!!Peanut Warehouse Conway 45Peanut Warehouse Conway 46Peanut Warehouse Conway 47Peanut Warehouse Conway 48Okay, no this is my favorite portrait. I think. Peanut Warehouse Conway 49The next day we stepped out of our hotel room for a quick beach photo shoot in Myrtle Beach. The water was just a little cold, but they braved it because they rock. Peanut Warehouse Conway 50Peanut Warehouse Conway 51Totes adorbs!!

Brooke and Walt, you guys are amazing and I love you. Your wedding was a major highlight of our year. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of it, and thank you for making us so much more than the hired help. 🙂 Its something we’ll never forget!!myrtle beach1

Oh! Pretty sure I forgot to give April the credit she deserves on a lot of these images, but let me just say, the woman turned it out! Some of the most beautiful images ever! So just know that she took plenty of these images even if I didn’t credit her. I’m so lucky to have such a talented second shooter.

And like I said… the water was cold. (What’s an Okie to do… ? It was getting dark and time was running out to play in the ccean)
myrtle beach2