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Larissa & TJ Engagement – Tulsa, OK

Still in catch up mod here folks… lots more to come. We did Larissa and TJ’s engagement session forever ago and I’d forgotten what a great session it was until I just pulled these pictures up. So I just had to share. Larissa & TJ kept their outfits simple, which always looks good. I’m all about bringing a lot of crazy funky outfits. But if you’re the type that
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likes something easy, white tops and jeans always look great. From the first time I met Larissa she mentioned how much she loved the field shots. So we made sure to find a good field after we hit Philbrook for a few pictures. For some reason most of these pictures are kissy ones, but they all just happened to be my faves from the session. Thanks for looking!

How bout those "serious" faces? Pretty saucy, huh?
How bout those “serious” faces? Pretty saucy, huh?


I’ll very soon post the pictures from their wedding! It was such an incredible one with lots of gorgeous details!

One thought on “Larissa & TJ Engagement – Tulsa, OK

  1. Great pictures! I am taking my engagement pictures on Tuesday with a photographer from out of town, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me where that 3rd photo field is. I am really wanting some filed shoots! Thanks!

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