If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, but I seriously love my couples!! And Rachel and Sam are no exception!! They’re are super adorable together and just instantly likeable. Rachel is this sweet and laid back chick with a funny sense of humor. And Sam is a quirky, artist type with a mind for science. (yep, Science!) Oh and they’re both seriously smart folks!! After who knows how many reschedules because of weather and sickness, we were finally able to get to do their engagement portraits. We’d only been planning them for, IDK… like 9 months! No lie. And the session didn’t dissapoint! I try so hard to stick to my no-more-than-five pictures on the blog for a session, but I simply couldn’t narrow down. And flipping through the images again, I’m tempted to post about 10 more. But I’ll limit myself to what you see here. With the e-session being this fun, it makes me even more excited for their wedding!!blog1


And why these images small?! Who knows. I can tell I’m getting old because computers are seeming far more complicated to me these days. Ug.