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“We took the most amazing engagement photos today!!! Andrea Murphy was our photographer; she knows her stuff! I can not wait to reveal the pics…. Best photo-shoot I’ve ever been apart of! Anyone and everyone if your looking for perfection, detail, direction, quality and enthusiasm Andrea is your girl!”

“You’re awesome! Couples that don’t use you for their wedding are SERIOUSLY missing out!”
– Melanee & Jonathan

“Just wanted to let you know…… my daughter is a smart girl I am soooo glad she picked you as her photographer. I already know how incredible the pix are going to be. In addition, you were the perfect photographer! You were honestly invisible to me that day (sorry-but meant as a compliment). You were never pushy, in the way, and got done what you needed to in such a great way! In fact, if I didn’t know better, I would be worried that you didn’t get many pictures! It was so great to meet you, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for capturing such an incredibly important day for my family, in such a beautiful, honest and loving way!”
– Betty, Mother of the Bride

“I am just SO happy with the images, I don’t feel like I can adequately express
it! I am so happy we will have these for years and years to come. I love
looking at old pictures of my grandparents, and hope I will have grandchildren that are the same way!”
– Kat, Bride

“Andrea is beyond talented and knows exactly what to do and when and half the time you don’t even know she was taking pictures until you see the proofs and the moments she captures are priceless.”
– Sharee, Bride

“I honestly can’t sing enough praises about Andrea! Her ability to see the beauty in places and people, where others would have to look twice, comes naturally. This means that she delivers portraits incomparable to others. She gives the best of both worlds: traditional and beautiful as well as unique and exquisite. At the same time you see yourself and your personality shining in the images when you look at what she gives back to you. Andrea captured every moment, happy tear, and smile of my wedding and far exceeded not only my husband’s and my expectations, but blew our friends and families out of the water! Three months later, and they are still raving about our images. Working with Andrea is truly a treasure. You never feel like anything less than a friend. She is fun and optimistic. Sessions are over in the blink of an eye because time flies when you’re out shooting with Andrea. Again, I can’t say enough good things! Andrea is phenomenal. Her work is amazing, and you’re guaranteed breathtaking portraits that will last a lifetime. Remember, portraits are what fill your home and make it yours. They are what you have to look back on and remember and what you will pass on so that those memories last forever. Make sure you have THE best, and that is Andrea. Thank you Andrea for everything! We love you!”
– Jessica & A.J., Bride & Groom